Safe Neighborhoods

Protect funding for AFD’s Mobile Crisis Team and for Mental Health Resources and Substance Abuse Treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to public safety and homelessness. We’ve seen the success of the MCT responding to the large volume of incidents in Anchorage during the pandemic. Trained responders are able to arrive on scene and provide deescalation and support, often preventing the need for further emergency care. This, in turn, frees up APD patrol officers to respond to crime. As a community, we should also prioritize mental health when it comes to reimagining public safety and student wellness in our schools.

Support APD to have the staffing and resources it needs to be responsive and to combat and solve crime, while simultaneously promoting a culture of transparency and accountability in policing, whether it involves body worn camera policy or ensuring continued public access to policies regarding use of force.

Make Anchorage infrastructure safer for pedestrians, bikers, and wheelchair travel through the prioritization of “complete streets” which offer safer travel regardless of mode of transportation, modern street lighting, and enhanced wayfinding on trails and in the downtown core. Safe street environments are not a fringe benefit; they are a public health essential.

Thriving Neighborhoods

Support locally-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and working people. I believe that together we can help build up a strong, diversified economic ecosystem.

Modernize the Port of Alaska. We need to ensure that the timely delivery of goods to our city and our State is not compromised. Our city has established itself as one of the world’s top four air cargo hubs. Our Port, which serves more than 80% of the state’s population from Anchorage to Fairbanks, should similarly reflect the ambitions of a competitive, world-class city. We need to keep momentum going following the construction of the new petroleum and cement terminal.

Advocate for more quality, affordable housing and the Revitalization of Downtown by encouraging mixed-use development and incentivizing developers to build more multi-family housing downtown. More folks living near the downtown core means more vibrancy and activity, as well as more foot traffic to local businesses, while tackling Anchorage’s housing crisis. An activated, beautified downtown is also an important draw for tourism.

Respect the Character & Priorities of Surrounding Neighborhoods by carefully considering zoning issues and incentivizing design standards that create and sustain healthy environments.

Respect the tax cap as a tool for helping us prioritize needs and wants. Downtown Anchorage has the highest concentration of assessed property and generates the highest concentration of property taxes for the Municipality.

Fund our parks and trails. Anchorage’s outdoor spaces are vital for transportation and our special quality of life. We are blessed to be able to experience the great outdoors all around us, even in an urban context.

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